Time to savor – this is our final year

Friends, this school year, 2018-2019, will be my 20th year with Sing! In that time I estimate I’ve lead upwards of 550 rehearsals or performances. 20 years feels like a good run and I’ve decided to make this our final year. We plan to finish up with a big performance next June.

I still absolutely love this group. I love our sound, I love looking at the faces of women concentrating, trying hard, lighting up with joy or delight, busting out with laughter, or clouding with tears and emotion. It seems like a good idea to fold things up before I feel weary or wish I were done.

So many emotions in this time. The chorus is a community, my community, and it is so difficult to imagine my life without that weekly shot of singing with the women I know and love.

In the fall of 1999 I had a vision of teaching women to sing, offering a place for adults to learn to make music that was fun and included interacting with others rather than practicing alone. I also had an idea about a choral sound that was earthy, textured, natural; that just sounded like people singing, not like polished “singers.” I feel confident that I have accomplished both of these things. I didn’t anticipate everything else we would build in the meantime. Because this is very much a joint effort.

One of the most important things we have built, which is most dependent on the women in the chorus, is a welcoming environment. There is so much good feeling and goodwill when we are all in a room, it is ridiculous. (Want a taste? Just watch our video.)

We’ll be out and about this year, so make sure to catch up with us. Check this page or follow us on Facebook. I’m calling this year our “Farewell Tour.” We may even make it out of Duluth for a show or two.

I will definitely be savoring our time together and the music we make. I’m also certain that the women in this group will continue to make music. As for me? I’m learning to play the trumpet.


About Sing! A Women's Chorus

Founded in 1999 by director Mags David, Sing! A Women’s Chorus is based in the Duluth Public Schools Community Education program. This ensemble is open to all registrants. Music is learned through the oral tradition, allowing singers at all levels of experience to participate. We sing traditional music from the U.S., Europe, and West Africa, and original songs written for the chorus by Mags David.
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4 Responses to Time to savor – this is our final year

  1. elliotttspring says:

    What a great accomplishment Mags and Sing! So proud to have been a little part of this uplifting group. I had never thought of myself as a singer before stepping into the group but now know the power of the act of singing together as a group and for myself. The art of breathing deeply is in itself rewarding but with these ladies it felt like yoga meets girls night out. Miss you guys. So great to see so many familiar faces in your music video. What rock stars!

  2. Julie Judeen says:

    We sure love you Mags and what you’ve done for us we will miss you All the best to you and your next wonderful endeavor Love Leila and Julie

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