Everybody Sing!

Join us and get your song on….

Everybody Sing! with Mags David and Sing! A Women’s Chorus. Saturday, November 17, 1:00pm-2:30pm, Beaner’s Central 324 N Central Avenue.  Not your run-of-the-mill sing along. Everbody Sing will showcase some songs from the chorus interspersed with songs for you to sing. Mags will teach songs for everyone to join in on. Bring the kids and your friends, neighbors, and relations. Find out why we love to Sing! This event is free.

About Sing! A Women's Chorus

Founded in 1999 by director Mags David, Sing! A Women’s Chorus is based in the Duluth Public Schools Community Education program. This ensemble is open to all registrants. Music is learned through the oral tradition, allowing singers at all levels of experience to participate. We sing traditional music from the U.S., Europe, and West Africa, and original songs written for the chorus by Mags David.
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